2012-10-05 Helmut Grohnemove all postulates to one module
2012-10-05 Helmut Grohneremove VecRevBFF
2012-09-27 Helmut Grohneremove getVec-getlen in favour of plain subst
2012-09-27 Helmut Grohnemove definition of get-type to BFF and use it everywhere
2012-09-26 Helmut Grohneuse _\==n_ and _\notin_ instead of \neg
2012-09-26 Helmut Grohnerename suc-\== to suc-injective
2012-09-26 Helmut Grohneimport [_] instead of Reveal_is_
2012-09-18 Helmut GrohneMerge branch 'using-vec'
2012-09-18 Helmut Grohneone more application of lemma-just\==nnothing
2012-09-17 Helmut Grohnesave a with in lemma-\inn-lookupM-assoc
2012-09-14 Helmut Grohneemploy rewrite in lemma-map-lookupM-assoc
2012-09-14 Helmut Grohne\::-subst is a special case of subst-cong
2012-09-14 Helmut Grohnevec-len-via-list and length-toList are the same
2012-09-14 Helmut Grohnecomplete missing parts of LiftGet
2012-09-11 Helmut Grohneshow fromList-toList in the subst form
2012-09-11 Helmut GrohneLiftGet: replace vec-length-same with toList-subst
2012-09-10 Helmut GrohneLiftGet: vec-length is also known as subst (Vec A)
2012-09-08 Helmut Grohnegive a sufficient precondition for theorem-2
2012-09-04 Helmut Grohnerewrite main theorems to using Vec instead of List
2012-09-04 Helmut Grohneformulate List <-> Vec isomorphism problems
2012-08-30 Helmut Grohneprove LiftGet.get-trafo-2-getlen
2012-08-30 Helmut Grohnephrase other half of bijection in LiftGet
2012-08-30 Helmut Grohneprove half of the bijection in LiftGet
2012-08-30 Helmut Grohnegive the type of different gets a name
2012-08-06 Helmut Grohneattempt isomorphism between get on List and on Vec
2012-06-19 Helmut Grohnethird definition of bff
2012-06-05 Helmut Grohnemake the Vec bff more similar to the List version
2012-06-05 Helmut Grohnedefine a bff over Vec
2012-06-05 Helmut Grohnemove bff and friends to submodule ListBFF
2012-06-05 Helmut Grohnemove checkInsert and related properties to CheckInsert...
2012-04-27 Helmut Grohnelemma-2: do not confuse lookup with lookupM
2012-04-27 Helmut Grohneuse fromFunc to define union
2012-04-27 Helmut Grohneprove the theorem-2
2012-04-20 Helmut Grohneremove lemma-\in-lookupM-assoc
2012-04-20 Helmut Grohnecomplete lemma-2 using new property _in-domain-of_
2012-04-19 Helmut Grohnereduce hole in lemma-2
2012-04-19 Helmut GrohneFinMap: lemma-lookupM-restrict drop useless implicit
2012-04-19 Helmut Grohnemove lemma-just!=nothing to FinMap and use it there
2012-04-17 Helmut Grohneinline bot-elim into lemma-just-nothing
2012-04-04 Helmut Grohneabstract proofs over checkInsert
2012-03-16 Helmut Grohnefix wrong function name in lemma-2
2012-02-09 Helmut Grohneremove useless braces
2012-02-09 Helmut Grohneavoid a sym in lemma-union-restrict
2012-02-09 Helmut Grohnes/generate/restrict/g
2012-02-09 Helmut Grohnerephrase free-theorem-list-list using pointwise equality
2012-02-09 Helmut Grohneformulate theorem-2
2012-02-09 Helmut Grohneprove lemma-union-generate
2012-02-09 Helmut Grohneprove theorem-1 assuming a lemma-union-generate
2012-02-09 Helmut Grohnestarted proving theorem-1
2012-02-09 Helmut Grohneintroduce denumerate
2012-01-31 Helmut Grohnereplace idrange with enumerate
2012-01-31 Helmut Grohnepostulate free theorem for List a -> List a
2012-01-26 Helmut Grohnerecursion of lemma-2
2012-01-26 Helmut Grohnestarted proving lemma-2
2012-01-26 Helmut Grohnereduce imports to speed up agda-mode
2012-01-26 Helmut Grohnesplit Bidir.agda to FinMap.agda
2012-01-26 Helmut Grohneimprove readability using spaces
2012-01-26 Helmut Grohnereduce usage of sym
2012-01-26 Helmut Grohneopen \==-Reasoning at top level
2012-01-26 Helmut Grohneprove the remaining parts of lemma-checkInsert-generate
2012-01-26 Helmut Grohnecomplete the yes part of lemma-checkInsert-generate...
2012-01-26 Helmut Grohnechange lemma-insert-same to work with \== proofs
2012-01-23 Helmut Grohnebase case of lemma-2
2012-01-23 Helmut Grohnerewrite lemma-1 using propositional equality
2012-01-22 Helmut Grohneactually fmap is what I meant instead of >>=
2012-01-22 Helmut Grohneintroduce >>= on Maybe to improve readability
2012-01-22 Helmut Grohneimprove readability by introducing EqInst
2012-01-22 Helmut Grohneformulate theorem-1
2012-01-22 Helmut Grohneformulate lemma-2
2012-01-22 Helmut Grohneattempt to prove lemma-1
2012-01-21 Helmut Grohnerewrite generate using zip and fromAscList
2012-01-21 Helmut Grohnesplit FinMap to FinMapMaybe
2012-01-19 Helmut Grohnereplaced NatMap with FinMap
2012-01-19 Helmut Grohnefirst attempt to define bff (with holes)
2012-01-19 Helmut Grohneemploy standard library of agda where possible
2012-01-19 Helmut Grohnefirst attempt to model lemma-1
2012-01-19 Helmut Grohneadded .gitignore