descriptionBidirectionalization for Free in Agda (
ownerHelmut Grohne
last changeThu, 18 Aug 2022 13:41:00 +0000 (15:41 +0200)
2022-08-18 Helmut Grohnefix deprecation warning about Any.any with agda-stdlib... master
2020-08-01 Helmut Grohnemove imports for agda-stdlib 1.3
2020-08-01 Helmut Grohneindividually open ≡-Reasoning
2019-09-29 Helmut Grohneport to agda/ and agda-stdlib/1.1
2019-03-31 Helmut GrohneGeneric.toList-fromList is Data.Vec.Properties.toList...
2019-03-31 Helmut GrohneGeneric.just-injective is Data.Maybe.just-injective
2019-03-31 Helmut GrohneFinMap.lemma-lookupM-delete is another variant of Data...
2019-03-31 Helmut GrohneFinMap.lemma-lookupM-fromFunc is almost Data.Vec.Proper...
2019-03-31 Helmut GrohneFinMap.lemma-tabulate-∘ is also known as Data.Vec.Prope...
2019-03-31 Helmut Grohnereplace FinMap.lemma-lookupM-empty with Data.Vec.Proper...
2018-11-25 Helmut Grohneport to agda/ and agda-stdlib/0.17
2018-11-25 Helmut Grohneremove unused imports
2018-11-25 Helmut Grohnemake the setoid parameter to sequenceV-cong explicit
2018-11-25 Helmut Grohnereorganize equality imports
2018-11-25 Helmut Grohnefix missing import of "length"
2018-01-02 Helmut Grohnelength-replicate is now upstream as well
6 weeks ago master