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[~helmut/debian-dedup.git] / base.html
2013-05-09 Helmut Grohnewebapp: declare html5 and utf-8
2013-05-05 Helmut Grohnewebapp: validator complained about <link> with sizes
2013-05-05 Helmut Grohnewebapp: reference favicon from base.html
2013-04-25 Helmut Grohnemove css to /style.css
2013-04-25 Helmut Grohnefix markup in base.html
2013-04-13 Helmut Grohnebase.html: add link to
2013-02-21 Helmut Grohneinclude maintainer information
2013-02-21 Helmut Grohneadded a base template to the webapp