webapp.py: fuse two sql queries in get_details
[~helmut/debian-dedup.git] / dedup / compression.py
2021-12-30 Helmut GrohneDecompressedStream: improve performance
2021-12-29 Helmut GrohneDecompressedStream: fix endless loop
2021-12-29 Helmut GrohneDecompressedStream: avoid mixing types for variable...
2021-12-29 Helmut GrohneDecompressedStream: eliminate redundant closed field
2020-02-16 Helmut Grohnedrop support for Python 2.x
2016-06-09 Helmut GrohneDecompressedStream: fix decompression without flush
2016-05-22 Helmut GrohneDecompressedStream: implement readline
2016-05-01 Helmut Grohnepush more functionality into DebExtractor
2016-04-28 Helmut Grohnedecouple a function decompress out of decompress_tar
2016-04-28 Helmut Grohneextend functionality of DecompressedStream
2015-04-16 Helmut Grohneelement access on bytes yields int in py3k
2015-04-16 Helmut Grohnezlib.crc32 behaves inconsistently on py2 vs py3
2015-04-16 Helmut Grohnedistinguish bytes from unicode for py3k
2014-02-19 Helmut GrohneGzipDecompressor: don't treat checksum as garbage trailer
2013-02-21 Helmut Grohnemove compression functions to module dedup.compression