webapp.py: fuse two sql queries in get_details
[~helmut/debian-dedup.git] / dedup / templates /
2016-07-29 Helmut Grohnerepository moved
2014-02-23 Helmut GrohneMerge branch updatesharing-eqclass
2014-02-23 Helmut Grohnefix spelling mistake
2013-09-04 Helmut Grohnewebapp: serve static files from /static
2013-08-16 Helmut Grohnewebapp templates: add an anchor for file issues
2013-07-30 Helmut Grohnetemplates/binary: space between package and compare
2013-07-30 Helmut Grohnetemplates: wiki.d.o redirects to https now
2013-07-27 Helmut Grohnemove templates to dedup package