descriptionmeta dpkg-buildpackage
ownerHelmut Grohne
last changeSat, 10 Jul 2021 16:53:45 +0000 (18:53 +0200)
2021-07-10 Helmut Grohnepbuilder: fail when apt-get update fails master
2021-07-10 Helmut Grohnestop using from __future__ import annotations
2021-07-10 Helmut Grohnepbuilder: uninline a function for locating the base.tgz
2021-07-08 Helmut Grohneuninline helper function temporary_static_file
2021-07-06 Helmut Grohnepbuilder: rewrite cmd.extend sequence as list
2021-07-06 Helmut Grohnepbuilder: implement support for build_path
2021-07-06 Helmut Grohnepbuilder: use an ExitStack
2021-07-06 Helmut Grohnemmdebstrap and sbuild shall agree on what build_path...
2021-07-01 Helmut Grohnesbuild: fix quoting of config strings
2021-07-01 Helmut Grohnedrop unnecessary execution bit from mdbp/
2021-06-24 Helmut Grohnerename a number of fields to become similar to debusine
2021-06-15 Helmut Grohneimplement basic debspawn backend
2021-06-15 Helmut Grohneallow passing custom options to pbuilder and sbuild
2021-05-31 Helmut Grohnemention mdbp-ssh in the
2021-05-27 Helmut Grohnecorrectly handle integer values for .parallel
2021-05-27 Helmut Grohneprefer over
3 weeks ago master