use the enum module to represent states
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2018-04-20 Helmut Grohneuse the enum module to represent states master
2017-08-19 Helmut Grohneabstract away ScheduledFunction
2016-05-07 Helmut GrohneLogger.warn is deprecated in Python 3.4
2013-07-19 Helmut GrohneThrottledDevice: speed up quick reactivation
2013-07-14 Helmut Grohnefix epydoc markup
2013-07-14 Helmut Grohnemust not pass float to GObject.timeout_add
2013-07-14 Helmut GrohneThrottledDevice: missing state notifiation
2013-07-13 Helmut Grohnegeneralize ThrottledDevice
2013-06-22 Helmut Grohnechange activatefd method and add ThrottledDevice
2013-06-17 Helmut Grohneship some documentation
2013-06-16 Helmut Grohnedraft device api
2013-06-16 Helmut Grohnechange state meanings
2013-06-16 Helmut Grohneinitial commit