2021-01-22 Helmut GrohneMerge branch utf8 into master master
2021-01-22 Helmut GrohneREADME.md: improve spelling and formatting
2021-01-22 Helmut Grohneignore bracketed pasted mode for now
2017-11-03 Helmut Grohneimplement "el" family properly
2017-11-03 Helmut Grohnefix writing of utf8 chars in the last column
2017-01-16 Helmut Grohneinitial utf8 support
2017-01-10 Helmut Grohneimplement cursor position reporting (u7)
2017-01-05 Helmut Grohneimprove corner cases related to resizing and mode switching
2016-12-19 Helmut Grohnefix broken color handling
2016-12-15 Helmut Grohneremove unused inch method
2016-12-14 Helmut Grohnefix SIGWINCH race condition during startup
2016-12-12 Helmut Grohnenote known breakage with FreeBSD's curses
2016-12-12 Klaus AehligMake tcvt aware of the OSC sequences
2016-12-10 Helmut Grohneconvert more branches into table lookups
2016-12-10 Helmut Grohneprecompute lookup tables
2016-12-09 Helmut Grohnefix adding characters at the end of the window
2016-12-09 Helmut Grohnepush the refresh logic into the Terminal class
2016-12-09 Helmut Grohneimprove sub process handling: return child exit code
2016-12-09 Helmut Grohnesimplify Terminal start and stop using a context manager
2015-05-07 Helmut Grohnefix manual page syntax
2015-05-06 Klaus AehligAdd an option to reverse the column order
2015-02-09 Helmut Grohne"\b" is also known as cub1
2013-06-22 Helmut Grohnename two more terminal functions hpa and vpa
2013-06-22 Helmut Grohnesupport attributes blink and invis
2013-06-22 Helmut Grohneconfused terminfo "ind" and "ht"
2013-06-20 Helmut Grohneuse terminfo capability names
2013-06-20 Helmut Grohneuse bytearrays
2013-06-03 Helmut Grohneadd mappings for Fn keys
2013-06-03 Helmut Grohneclear screen on WINCH
2013-06-02 Helmut Grohnefix WINCH handling
2013-06-02 Helmut Grohneallow specifying the number of columns
2013-06-02 Helmut Grohnemanpage: explain TCVT_DEVEL variable
2013-06-02 Helmut Grohnesupport python3.3
2013-06-02 Helmut Grohnesupport not crashing on unsupported sequences
2013-06-02 Helmut Grohneimplement full alternate character set
2013-06-02 Helmut Grohneadd new input mode feed_graphics
2013-06-01 Helmut Grohneadded more line drawing characters
2013-06-01 Helmut Grohneadded a README
2013-02-02 Helmut Grohneswallow exceptions for unknown keys
2013-02-02 Helmut Grohneif argv is empty, start a $SHELL
2012-08-27 Helmut Grohnesupport more than two columns
2012-04-15 Helmut Grohnemanpage: mention homepage
2012-04-15 Helmut Grohnetcvt: code cleanup using properties
2012-04-15 Helmut GrohneMakefile: don't fail to install twice
2012-04-15 Helmut Grohneprint a reasonable error message when exec fails
2012-04-15 Helmut Grohneadded manual page tcvt.1
2011-10-04 Helmut Grohnesupport outputting ACS_VLINE
2011-09-30 Helmut Grohnereduce screen.refresh()
2011-09-14 Helmut Grohnefixed enter key in vim
2011-07-22 Helmut Grohnepass through \xb4 (some tick) and \xe9 (accent e)
2011-06-08 Helmut Grohneimplement \t output
2011-02-27 Helmut Grohneadded Makefile for easy installation
2011-02-26 Helmut Grohneadded optcvt.sh
2011-02-26 Helmut Grohnefix rendering of alternate font for ncmpc
2011-02-26 Helmut Grohneuse tigetstr to resolve ansi key sequences
2011-02-26 Helmut Grohneproperly process input keys with curses' getch
2011-02-26 Helmut Grohneinitial checkin